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Does anyone know how to change the spark plugs on a 2003 Chevy Malibu?

Having a hard time changing the spark plugs on my 2003 Malibu. Its got a plastic boot over the plugs? Any ideas on which tools would work best..Any help appreciated.Does anyone know how to change the spark plugs on a 2003 Chevy Malibu?
get a spark plug socket, then take the plug wire off and loosen, marke the wires so you don't mix them up

How do you change the spark plugs in a V6?

Ive got a 2000 sienna that needs new spark plugs, how do i get to the plugs on the back side?How do you change the spark plugs in a V6?
Very difficult to change the rear. Intake plnum is very hard to get around. The best solution is do the front yourself then take it to Toyota and have them doe the rear. You can not get to them from belowHow do you change the spark plugs in a V6?
Step 1Connect the spark plug socket to the socket extension.

Step 2Open the hood and pull the spark plug wires off the top of the engine. You may need to wiggle them back and forth while pulling up on the plug wires in order to remove them.

Step 3Lower the spark plug socket into the engine and push the socket over the top of the spark plug.

Step 4Turn the spark plug counterclockwise with a socket wrench to loosen and remove it from your Sienna's engine.

Step 5Pull the old spark plug out of the socket and insert a new spark plug into the socket with the electrodes facing out.

Step 6Lower the spark plug into the engine and thread and tighten the spark plug.

Step 7Slide the plug wire down into the plug well and push it over the top of the spark plug until it seals the plug. The wire should fit nice and snug over the spark plug.


that's the easy part. getting to the sparks plugs is the hard part on a V6 vehicle.

How to change spark plugs in a 2000 ford taurus

Carefully grasp the spark plug boot near the spark plug and twist and pull till it comes off. Put a spark plug socket and rachet on the spark plug and turn to the left (Lefty Loosie, Rightsie Tightsie). Put new spark plug in the opening the old one came from and turn it to right by hand till it starts. Now put your spark plug socket and rachet on the plug and turn to right till good and snug. Put a little dab of dielectric grease inside spark plug boot and push it onto spark plug while twisting till it snaps back on. Repeat with all the rest. You'll be done in no time and you can reward yourself with your favorite beverage for a job well done. How to change spark plugs in a 2000 ford taurus
Get a socket and take them out. I mean, were you expecting it to be hard or something?How to change spark plugs in a 2000 ford taurus
get plug wrench [socket] and take one out...put new one in..
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  • How often am i supposed to change my spark plugs?

    i have a 1998 chevy camaro

    i just changed the plugs and wires yesterday.

    so how many miles do i have til i need to again?

    thanks ;)How often am i supposed to change my spark plugs?
    It all depends upon the brand and type of spark plugs you just installed in your cylinder heads. Inexpensive non-platinum or iridium plugs last 25 - 30,000 miles. Platinum plugs are good for 50,000 miles while long lasting iridium plugs will go 75 - 100,000 miles.

    A couple of small tips the next time you install spark plugs: Wipe a small amount of ';Never Seize'; compound on the threads of the plugs before installation. Wipe a liberal amount of Silicone ignition grease inside each spark plug boot before snapping them back on the plugs. This step seals out moisture and allows easy removal of the boots from the plugs anytime in the future. The Never Seize prevents plug and cylinder head thread damage during removal or installation. Any NAPA or Carquest store has both of these inexpensive products.

    Please consider a fresh set of AC-Delco or MSD ignition wires every 50,000 miles. As spark plug wires age electrical OHMS of resistance goes up inside the core and electrical dielectric insulation on the outside of the wire goes down. Don't consider cheap box-store ignition wires. ACDelco distributors or any Chevrolet dealer has AC-Delco ignition wires., and has MSD ignition wires.

    In plain English it's more difficult for the electrical energy to pass through the wire as they age. The high voltage tends to leak through the outer insulation jacket as the wire gets older. High under-hood heat and vibration deteriorates ignition wires.How often am i supposed to change my spark plugs?
    I think for your car its every 100k mi. Don't quote me on that. For earlier models, I think like '95 and older its every 60k mi.

    However, my personal opinion, as the odometer keeps going the gap on the spark plug is changing ever so slightly. You might want to check the gap every 10k. I used to own a '91 ford escort when I was going to college, I was tight on money and needed for my car to last. It was a POS but it worked. I would change my spark plugs every 10k mi. It was only like $10 - $15.

    Country Boy, if you don't know what your talking about, stop. Electrical wires can last for years and years, just look at all the residential and commercial wiring. The current flow through the wires doesn't change over time. Heat, direct sunlight and vibration are what cause the insulation on the wires to deteriorate. However, this has no effect on the current flow just the ability to insulate the wire from arcing and protect it from the extreme heat. The only thing that damages the wires are the movement of the wires as you move them out of the way to work on the car. You can possibly break the wire or snap the connectors that are inside the boot and connect the wires to the spark plugs. There is no electricity that leaks out since the rubber is an insulator.

    And the anti-seize gel does not protect the threads from damage against the spark plug or however you put it. Yes its good to put it on but to prevent water from going into the threads and the extreme heat vaporizing it causing rust to form between the spark plug and the cylinder head. If the spark plug does seize and you don't know what you're doing then you could damage the threads on the cylinder head manifold, but that could be repaired as well.
    factory recommends a length of time and mileage. a gm or chevy dealer can help you.

    How do I change the spark plugs on a 2005 chevy malibu?

    I just needed to know how to find and remove the spark plugs from a 2005 chevy malibu. Also what parts to take out to get to the plugs. About how long does it take?How do I change the spark plugs on a 2005 chevy malibu?
    Last time I checked spark plugs are easily seen for that car. They are located on the engine. You will need a ratchet, a few extensions, a swivel socket, a spark plug socket, and a spark plug gapper. As far as how long, I am assuming it's a six cylinder, figure a half hour for a master certified technician, three hours for a shade tree.How do I change the spark plugs on a 2005 chevy malibu?
    We need to know the engine size. But usually they're at the middle of the engine for an in-line 4 and on the outskirts on a V-6. You might have to remove coil packs.

    How to change spark plugs on suzuki forenza?

    vehi modelcle is a 2005How to change spark plugs on suzuki forenza?
    Now that the above poster is done with generic stuff....

    You remove the rectangular plastic cover on top of the engine(2 screws), under that is the plug wires and spark plugs. Pull wires straight up, remove plugs with proper spark plug socket, extension and ratchet, reverse to install. Platinum plugs are not required but will allow longer change intervals. Chek the gap as stated by previous post.How to change spark plugs on suzuki forenza?
    Show and tell time:


    Note new platinum (and other new hard metal) plugs cannot be gapped. They should be checked but if the gap does NOT match the specs, take it back for another. The hard metal will break before bending.

    Also these new plugs last up to 100K mile.


    The video does not mention torquing the plug. Plus should ALWAYS be torqued. Too tight and you can strip the threads. Too light and the plug heat will not be transferred to the casing (run too hot).

    Good Luck...

    How Do You Change the Spark Plugs on a 1998 S10?

    We need to change the spark plugs on the 1998 S10 LS it runs rough and hesitates to start. We tried looking we can see the spark plug wires but cant get the the Spark Plugs they are hidden under the AC Unit we don't know much on cars Other than adding fluids Charging the spark plugs and the battery. How do we access the spark plugs WITHOUT disconnecting anything on the A/C Unit?How Do You Change the Spark Plugs on a 1998 S10?
    Most of them are accessible through the wheelwells. You should take it someplace and get it done for you. One of the plugs is tough to get out with household tools only.

    How to change spark plugs on 1990 ford tempo?

    very simple, look at your engine, you should see these wide gauge cables running from the top of your engine to the sides, there should be 6 of them if you have a v6, 4 if not. They should be red or green, follow them down the side of the engine, and they should go into a hole on the side of the engine, pull those wires out of the hole, underneath are the spark plugs. Get a spark plug socket, and turn them to the left to pull them out, then put new ones in and put the wires back on, its that simple. OH AND DISCONNECT THE BATTERY FIRSTHow to change spark plugs on 1990 ford tempo?
    rachet and a socketHow to change spark plugs on 1990 ford tempo?
    first time around? one by one

    pull the wire(grab it by the boot shape end)

    use the right size socket and the ratchet.

    at the intallation, put it with you hand,a few twist in the right thread and then the tool.
    Remove them one at a time. Dont pull all the wires off and then try to find out which goes where. If you put the wires on wrong it will not start..First find out what the gap is for your vehicle. You will need a gap gauge for this..They are cheap. Check the gap on all the new ones. They say they have been properly gapped..That is not allways the case..Pull one wire off remove the plug with A deep socket...replace it with the new one and put the wire back on the plug..Repeat all the way down to the last one..
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  • How to change spark plugs in a Volkswagen golf 2.0?

    do i have to take the whole manifold off? does any one have ideas of what to do??How to change spark plugs in a Volkswagen golf 2.0?
    You can take the top section of the manifold off fairly easily, and if you're careful you ought to be able to remove it keeping the gasket between the upper and lower manifold intact. It's just as easy as removing the bolts with metric(since it's VW) allen keys and lift it out of the way, disconnecting any tubes that wont allow you to move it far enough, you should even be able to leave the intake attached. Just make sure that if you disconnect any vacuum lines/sensor clips, that you remember where they go, and that you don't damage them when you remove them.

    Just try not to over complicate and remove just enough to move it out of the way of the spark plugs.How to change spark plugs in a Volkswagen golf 2.0?
    type that into searchbox

    how to change spark plugs Volkswagen golf
    I can't say for sure, but the first thing that crossed my mind here was,'; Isn't that a diesel engine?'; That begs the question, what sort of fuel do you put in it? Gasoline, or Diesel fuel? If you use diesel, you don't have spark plugs. If you use gasoline, then yes you do have spark plugs. If that is the case, I am not sure, but the best way to find out is to reference the owner's manual.
    They are easy to change, just follow the plug wires to the plug, grasp the boot, not the wire, and with a twisting motion, pull the sparkplug boot and wire off! unscrew the plug, gap the new Bosches , put them in!
    first off u shouldnt need to take the manifold off, use a spark plug socket they make them for a reason. if u hav the plastic engine cover on u can take that off easily, then 1 by 1 change ur plugs. DO NOT PULL ALL THE PLUG WIRES OFF AT THE SAME TIME. that could b one of the biggest mistakes made and is a pain intheass to fix by figuring out where each wire truely goes back to. so please do it 1 by 1. but is pretty easy to do.

    How do you change the spark plugs in a 94 acura integra?

    I have a 5/8 socket with the extension but its not working it wont come out It wont grip the spark plug itself. I dont have a 5/8 with the rubber inside would that be an issue? Also I am going to change my valve cover gasket because I noticed some oil inside one of the spark plug holes. Please help any info is appreciated,

    Thanks.How do you change the spark plugs in a 94 acura integra?
    just go get one at the parts store when you purchase the spark plugs,...and no need to buy that lubricant that they always push at could just apply petro-jelly....and oil on the spark plugs most likely is the valve cover gasket and groumets...How do you change the spark plugs in a 94 acura integra?
    maybe you need a metric socket ....point
    many tutorials on youtube man. not sure myself .

    Do you have to pull the head on a 2004 Ford Taurus to change the spark plugs?

    I have changed the fuel filter %26amp; it was full of rust. This stopped the sputtering at low speed 4 about a week. Think it probably needs changed again. While I am doing this for my friend I was going to change the spark plugs. I don't have access to the car right now it is in another state, %26amp; before I buy spark plugs I was wondering if anyone could tell me how hard they are to change.Do you have to pull the head on a 2004 Ford Taurus to change the spark plugs?
    No you do not have to take the head off.

    They are fairly easy to change also.Do you have to pull the head on a 2004 Ford Taurus to change the spark plugs?
    Typical V6 FWD vehicle - the back plugs are somewhat of a hassle but not anywhere near as bad as some vehicles. You shouldn't have any problems if you've got access to some decent tools.
    u shud b able to do them with no prob
    dont know the F/T but ford v6plugs arnt that bad the best things to do it with is a good make3/8 drive socket %26amp; extensions you will have more room to work with 3/8 than 1/2. get an assortment of lengths of extensions.
    The best way to change plugs in this is to pull the right side windshield wiper box . It takes 3 bolts that are 7/32 of inch and 3 clips . This makes it easier to get to back plugs . I do a lot of Taurus repairs and this is the best way to get your hands back there . If it is a DOHC motor you have to pull the upper intake if it wraps over the plugs . Have not changed a 2004 DOHC so I am not sure but on the 2001 you have to . Good luck and this is about a 2 hour job taking your time less on the 12 valve Vulcan motor . Do not get frustrated it isn't all that bad .
    No need to remove head, the back cylinders are a bit of a pain to remove and replace plugs in , but straightforward job. Change that fuel filter also, it will always help, if the last one was plugged you can be sure it will be doing it again.

    How to change spark plugs on a 2001 lincoln town car?

    7mm socket to remove the 8 coil packs, then a deep 5/8 socket to remove the spark plugsHow to change spark plugs on a 2001 lincoln town car?
    When you look at the engine there will be four spark plugs on the right and another four on the left side of the engine. On the right side of the engine you might have to lift the air intake to reach that side's spark plugs. Remove and replace. Not to bad on the 4.6 litter V8 Ford engine.

    How to change spark plugs on a honda odessy?

    If you have to ask how to change plugs, I'd suggest you take it to a dealer. Or else buy a Chilton manual for your particular car. It's a good $20 book that shows you how to do just about everything you want with your vehicle except fiddle with the ABS and airbags. That stuff is for professionals.How to change spark plugs on a honda odessy?
    go to dealerHow to change spark plugs on a honda odessy?
    Take the old ones out one at a time. Gap and replace with new ones.
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  • Changing spark plugs on a 99 Pontiac Montana?

    Does anyone know how or an easy way to change the rear spark plugs on a 99 Pontiac Montana?Changing spark plugs on a 99 Pontiac Montana?
    I had the same problem with a Lumina, remove those dog bones (motor torque struts) that hang from the top of the radiator to the front side of the motor. Take them all the way off if you want. With those off , push the van forward ( while in park) and the motor will move forward a few inches for more clearance from the fire wall. I was able to put a piece of wood( small 2X4) in between the fire wall and the valve cover to keep the car from rocking back. You can also block the wheels if someone else can keep the car from rocking back. If the wires have never been off, they will most likely break. There isn't enough room or long enough arm to get them from the bottom of the van. The plugs and plug boots sit deep in the valley between the exhaust manifold , I taped the extension and spark plug socket together so they would not separate after I got the plugs back in. Remember at a time every time.Changing spark plugs on a 99 Pontiac Montana?
    Newer cars are frequently the victims of exceedingly tight engine compartments, however it can be done. Often times on an application such as your i would recommend trying to come through the bottom of the car while it is safely jacked up or on a life and attempt to remove the plugs from below. If that dosent work, attempt to use varying sizes of ratchet extenders and find the right combination through trial and error.

    How do you change spark plugs for a lexus GS300?

    please show mainly how to access all 6 plugsHow do you change spark plugs for a lexus GS300?
    Go on a lexus gs300 owners website, it will show you step by stepHow do you change spark plugs for a lexus GS300?
    Victor S makes a very good point. If you can't work it out it's better to take it to someone who can.
    hello ther eif you don 't have any experience changing plugs .I will strongly sugest to take it to a mechanic shop , cause this is such a great car , and if you dont do it right you can end up crosstreading your aluminum head(s) and then it'll be very , very expensive to repair , they should'nt charge you more than $40.00 to do this tipe of job. hope this helps.
    The back 2 are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get to without removing a LOT of surrounding parts..

    It is not a $40 job as suggested, but it will cost $200+ to find a mechanic who has done them before and often.

    Do not attempt this yourself, but here is a link to doing it on an RX-300, which is very similiar in procedure...

    Good Luck


    How do you change the spark plugs on a 1999 Lexus ES300?

    I have a 1999 Lexus ES300 and i was wondering how to change the back spark plugs on it? Also i was wondering on how to change the spark plug wires? If there are any websites which have pictures please post them. I went to a mechanic and they told me that it would be around 150 to do the job. ThanksHow do you change the spark plugs on a 1999 Lexus ES300?
    The mechanic's price is too much, you can easily change the spark plugs by having a spark plug remover. Instead of paying 150, use this to buy yourself a spark plug remover. If you wish to change the wires, simply pull the black rounded terminals and they come out easily. You must change all four spark plugs to ensure smooth combustion on all four cylinders. Changing new spark plugs will only require 20-30 minutes.

    How to change spark plugs on a';1998 PONTIAC ';grand prix se ?

    without having the tool to get the covers off the plug ; and not moving the whole mtr forward ?How to change spark plugs on a';1998 PONTIAC ';grand prix se ?
    I would suggest letting a shop do it.It's a job that needs to be done by someone that's done it before.How to change spark plugs on a';1998 PONTIAC ';grand prix se ?
    I would try renting one from O-Reily or Autozone

    What spark plugs and oil filter do I need for a 1996 Corsa?

    Is it hard to fit them yourself? Any links to videos to show me how to fit them? What would I have to do to service my own car? Change spark plugs, air filter, oil filter, oil change anything else?What spark plugs and oil filter do I need for a 1996 Corsa?
    sounds as if you should leave it to the expertsWhat spark plugs and oil filter do I need for a 1996 Corsa?
    What size engine? is it automatic or standard? turbo charged or not? does it have A/C or not?

    These are all required before you can source the correct part for your car. Once you have all this info, call or visit your local auto parts store and they will set you up
    Pop into Halfords. They have reference sheets that will tell you what bits for what car. I also strongly recommend that you invest in a Haynes Manual (also in Halfords). It's 拢20 but will save you that many times over. If you can't afford it ask Mum or Dad to get it as a birthday pressie.
    ******* liverpool fans and their vauxhall corsa's....
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  • How easy is it to change spark plugs on a 2004 frontier?

    With the v6 3.3L -

    The manifold is not removed, only the upper air inlet tube (plastic) to gain access to the left front 2 plugs. All the other plugs (3 right side and left rear) are straightforward.

    It's not difficult to remove the inlet tube and the seal is reusable. If you're handy with basic tools you'll do fine.

    They recommend a double platinum plug set to .043';

    P.S. - The above posted link is for the following years 4.0L v6 with coil over ignition. Yours uses regular ignition wires and distributor cap.How easy is it to change spark plugs on a 2004 frontier?
    as easy as most cars. Just change themHow easy is it to change spark plugs on a 2004 frontier?
    It might be kind of tricky. I just googled spark plugs 2004 frontier and came up with this website:

    Looks like you might even have to remove the manifold to get at one of them.

    The good old days of simple 15 minute jobs like changing spark plugs are sadly gone.
    same as every car just get a mickymouse swivle and a couple extions and a 3/16th deep well socket and a 3/4 ratched and get to work it will take u 5 mins but u should change ur wires and distributor cap and rotor well ur at it cuz ur gonna have more problems if u dont

    How long should it take a Mechanic too change the spark plugs in a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan w/ 3 Litre V6?

    Just want to have a rough idea of how much labour time I can expect for the mechanic too change my spark plugs.How long should it take a Mechanic too change the spark plugs in a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan w/ 3 Litre V6?
    usually around an hour ,if nothing goes wrong ,but i have had some of those that would take longer because the plugs are really hard to get out sometimes,and a good mechanic wont try and force them out,he or she, will get them loose then use a penetrating oil to help them come the rest of the way out,it once took me over two hours to get a set out so be prepared just in case,most of the time on a 3.0 they come out fairly easy though,good luck.How long should it take a Mechanic too change the spark plugs in a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan w/ 3 Litre V6?
    your welcome.

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    it takes a bout an hour if he is slow so just u can judge around that
    try it and see
    Just say 5 to 10 or more mins per plug especially if he has all the right tools and knows the engine well.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I'd not want to just do the plugs on that vehicle one thing you could do or have a friend or mechanic do is disconnect the spark-plug wires one by one at the ignition coil , take a wire brush and sandpaper and clean the connectors and be sure to dust off the sand afterwards.You might find by just doing that the engine starts to run better most ppl don't do that at all and have sever bad corroded or rusty connections on their ignition modules.
    1 hrs more then that the mechanic is stealing your money!
    actually i have that engine in my car and they should charge u around 5 hours (that's the book time) or less depending on how good the mechanic is because they have to pull off the intake plenum which is where the back three plugs are.

    How often should you change spark plugs?

    how often do spark plugs need to be changedHow often should you change spark plugs?
    going by a normal maintenaince schedule-

    30,000 miles for standard plugs

    100,000 miles for platinum and iridium

    but its the responsible thing to do to replace the platinum and iridiums at65k-75kHow often should you change spark plugs?
    change once a year or if the motor starts running bad
    it depends on the plugs. i have bosch platinum + 4 plugs with198,000 miles on them and they run fantastic!
    Most plugs are good for 100,000 miles unless car starts to run bad or has decrease in fuel mileage.
    on newer cars most of them recommend 100,000 miles but you better check your owners manual.

    How do i change spark plugs on 1995 buick regal 3.8?

    its misfiring and they want to charge me 90 bucks for a diagnostic so i want to change out my plugs to see if that fixes it.How do i change spark plugs on 1995 buick regal 3.8?
    Its not hard,You will need a 5\8 spark plug socket,and 3inch 3\8 drive extinsion,and a 3\8 ratchet,and a spark plug feeler guage to get started. Only do one plug at a time so you dont get plug wires confussed,be careful not to damage plug wires during removal and work on a cool motor so you dont get burned.How do i change spark plugs on 1995 buick regal 3.8?
    First, get a diagnostic at Auto Zone, it's FREE!!! While you are there, have them show you where your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE is. Buy Amzoil Foaming Cleaner and use it to clean out this thing, and your throttle body and throttle plate. DON'T buy the original plugs. Buy either Bosch Platinum single point or Fusion plugs. You will be amazed at how much hidden power and extra fuel mileage you can get. Your emissions will drop, too. Good Luck!!

    How hard is it to change spark plugs on a 1999 kia sportge?

    You'll need to remove the upper intake plenum since that wraps over the top of the valve cover so make sure you have a replacement gasket for that. After that it is as easy as any other spark plug replacement. Un-bolt the 2 coil packs, then remove the plugs. As I recall the Sportage uses Resistor style spark plugs so you do in fact have to set the gap. See your owners manual for the specs.How hard is it to change spark plugs on a 1999 kia sportge?
    not hard at all, could change them in five minutes.How hard is it to change spark plugs on a 1999 kia sportge?
    assuming it's a 4 cyl engine, if you pop the hood, you should see where the plug wires go into the engine. If you carefully pull the plug wire out, you'll see the spark plugs. Go to the auto parts store, get a set of plugs, ask them to gap it for you. Get a socket set with a sparkplug socket on it (it has a rubber piece that holds the spark plug).

    Work on a cool engine. remove the plug wires from the engine, use the socket to remove the plugs, install the new plugs hand tight, then another 3/4-1 turn with the socket wrench and reinstall the plug wires.

    not too hard at all.
    First get your new plugs and make sure you have either a plug wrench or proper sized socket/ratchet combo that fits the plugs. Next remove the spark plug boots, where the wire connects to the plug. Be careful here, gently twist them from side to side to break them them loose from the plugs before you remove, holding on them at the very bottom. At the parts store also get a plug gap tool and find the proper gap for your ride. All the gap is is the distance from the lowest part of the plug to the next lowest point. Plugs are pre-gapped but always check. The top of a plug is ceramic so they will break, be sure to apply force squarely. I assume this engine has aluminum heads so get a small tube of anti-seize to put on the threads. I hope this answers your question.
    if you have no mechanical experience dont do it, it is worth paying someone rather than you doing it wrong. The cost of trying to get someone to figure out why the cylinders are not firing far outweighs the cost of having them change them. But if you have changed plugs on another vehicle before or are mechanically inclined and have a repair manual which you understand go for it.
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  • How do I change the spark plugs on my 98 Windstar?

    98 Windstar 3.0L V6 (12 valve Vulcan). I need to know how to change the spark plugs. The front 3 are easy to get out but how do I get at the back ones/ Also I'm changing the wires, any help would be great.How do I change the spark plugs on my 98 Windstar?
    You need to pull the intake cover off, but don't undo the fuel rails. Get all the hoses secured out of the way. You should be able to reach the plugs that way, but you won't be able to see 2 of them. Use a mirror, a good light, and an offset pivoting head ratchet and 16mm deep socket. If there is visible debris around the plugs, blow it off before starting, and give the plugs a good spray of penetrating oil an hour before starting to remove them. Be extremely careful, because in the awkward position you'll be in, it's easy to break an old plug (not a devastating situation, but a pain just the same), or you could cross thread a new plug and strip the threads in the head ( a terribly devastating and expensive situation).How do I change the spark plugs on my 98 Windstar?
    never worked on a winstar. you might try getting to them from under the car, there's more clearance there sometimes, other than that just squeeze back there and pull them. Definitely change the wires ONE AT A TIME, this way your sure to get them in the right firing order. so change a plug then the wire that goes with it. not all at the same time. good luck
    i think it would be helpful to take off the intake manifold
    Remove the front wheels and go into the fender well. You will need to remove the cover and you can see the spark plugs.

    How do I change the spark plugs in my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

    My boyfriend and i would like to change the spark plugs our self and I was just wondering where they are locatedHow do I change the spark plugs in my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?
    you never mentioned the engine size.

    The inline 5cyl and 6cyl engines have the spark plugs located on the valve cover....UNDERNEATH the coils. This is a coil-on-plug coil per spark plug.How do I change the spark plugs in my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?
    You should have 4 or 6 spark plugs in your vehicle depending on how many cylinders you have. Assuming you have a 6 cylinder, there should be 6 black that a visable as soon as you open your hood. At one end of them they should connect to what's called your distributer cap, which distibutes the spark. Follow those wires to the other end and they should run to your block, which houses your 6 cylinders, or 4. Where the wires meet your block, if you just pull them off the block your plugs should be right under them. If you already have the new ones, you just simply remove the old ones, pop in the new ones and place the wires back on. Now if your replacing the plugs because they are old you might want to replace those wires going to them, as well as on the the other side of the wires, your distributer cap. This will ensure a great start up, especially in the winter.
    Best way to go is to buy a manual from your local auto parts store for 13 bucks along with some spark plugs for that particular year and model, then head home and read up on it first..the manual will expain step by step how to go about it.

    Sometimes you need to use a dielectric grease on the plug wires.

    The plugs need to be set at a certain gap setting.

    They need to be tightened to a specific tourq.

    Plus possibly more, depending on the year, make and model.

    Dont be discouraged, there are just alot of details, Hope this helps.

    How much to cost the labor fee on change spark plug for the 93 lexus es300 v6?

    i have the parts. just want to know how much to change the spark plugs? and fuel filter?How much to cost the labor fee on change spark plug for the 93 lexus es300 v6?
    Spark plugs you could do yourself easily with a socket wrench. Fuel filter would vary depending on the shop.How much to cost the labor fee on change spark plug for the 93 lexus es300 v6?
    if u can get sum1 on the strret to do ur spark plugs not much, but that fuel filter will cost ya, because you have to pull out the gas tank to get to it.

    How to change spark plugs in a 99 pontiac bronneville?

    there is lots of room justsnake your arm around the alternator for the first two and the other side for the last one in the back.


    remove wallet and pay someone that will not damage anything elseHow to change spark plugs in a 99 pontiac bronneville?
    spark plug wrenchHow to change spark plugs in a 99 pontiac bronneville?
    Once you located them. Get one of the new spark plugs that are per set and try different sockets on it until you have the right one. Once you know that you will need a ratchet and a extension to fit the socket. Take off the spark plugs wires carefully then unscrew the old spark plugs. Look at them to see if they have oil, corrosion and etc on them. If they do this will give you a indication on how your engine is doing. Then put your new ones in and do not over tighten then wires back on and that is basically it.
    The other posters are correct, but most of those cars are a REAL pain to change sparkplugs in. They use a transverse mounted V-6 engine, which readily makes the front three plugs quite accessible. The REAR three plugs are another story. It helps immensely to have the correct tools, along with arms made of rubber.

    In some of those vehicles, you must actually disengage one or more motor mounts and pry the engine forward in order to gain access to the three rear plugs.
    take it to the shop for a proper tune-up!

    How do you change the spark plugs on a 2003 Chevy Venture?

    i have a 3.4litre 2003 chevy venture and i have no idea how to change the spark plugs?How do you change the spark plugs on a 2003 Chevy Venture?
    u take it to a shop and pay out youre nose...if u have no idea then let someone else do it and save yerself the greif of crossthreading something extremely expensiveHow do you change the spark plugs on a 2003 Chevy Venture?
    remove front pulg wires and replace plugs. renstall wires

    remove motor mounts on upper radiaotr support, put trans in nuetral and tilt engine. remove plug wires and replace plugs

    reinstall all. make sure not to crossthread or over tighen plugs

    because this vehicle has aluminum heads that are expensive to repair
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  • How to change spark plugs in a 1992 totoya camry?

    They should be relatively standard. Get a spark plug socket for your rachet, and don't overtighten the new ones. You might need a torque wrench to make sure the new ones are properly tightened.

    Most auto parts stores should have a maintenance manual for sale; if you're unsure, get the manual. Better to spend the $10 than damage the engine, and need a repair. If you need a torque wrench, you should be able to rent that either at the AP place, or a tool rental location.How to change spark plugs in a 1992 totoya camry?
    take them out put new ones in.How to change spark plugs in a 1992 totoya camry?
    take them out put new ones in.
    OK tell me where the spark plugs are at in the engine? It should be very easy for most Japanese vehicles because the plugs are right in the top of the engine, which is very common on 4 cyl. Japanese engines. You'll need a wrench, an extension, and a 3/4 socket (this is a special socket that is made to remove spark plugs). Buying the book for your car helps a lot I bought mine for my Astro and I've changed oil to the manifold, with out ever taking a mechanic class. And if you need tools Auto Zone rents tools, some employees there are knowledgeable in car repair so you could ask them. Oh!! Remember to get platinum spark plugs because this are spark plugs that last 100,000 miles instead of the 3,000 miles so your spark plugs would probably be the last thing on your mind for a few years, approximately 10 years, and also make sure you get boch or the Japanese equivalent and the cables should be double silicon too.
    Vague question here so I'll pretend you have no clue.

    You will need,

    a.) a decent socket set with a spark plug socket.

    b.) basic torque wrench

    c.) replacement plugs (from your local part shop, dont' go to the dealer or you will pay premioum.)

    d.) gap gauge.

    Your autparts store shoudl be able to tell you the correct gap for your car. Replace the plugs one at a time (so you don't mix them up) remove the old plugs inspect them for fouling, oil deposits etc. If they look good adjust the spark gap appropriately then install the new plug. Be sure to hand tighten the plug. Then use a quarter turn with a wrench or better use a torque wrench to the correct torque setting. If you plan to do other home garage stuff I strongly suggest getting a haynes manual.

    How to change spark plugs on 2002 ford sports trac?

    If its a 2002 Sport Trac then you have the 4.0 V6. Its not easy. The front two plugs on eather side should come out from the top of the engine. With the other four, the easiest way is to raise the front of the truck and take the wheels off. bend back the wheel well, and you should see the spark plug wires in front of you. Even with that, its still not the easiest thing to do.

    It will be impossible if you don't have a universial joint and a few extentions.How to change spark plugs on 2002 ford sports trac?
    you change all spark plugs the same way you get a spark plug socket and a ratchet and pull the old one out put some anti seize on the new one and put it in and put the wire on the plug repeat tell all are changedHow to change spark plugs on 2002 ford sports trac?
    what engine do you have ,very much needed info on that truck,if i knew that i could help you,good luck.

    How to change spark plugs in a honda civic 2005?

    remove plug wires, get a spark plug socket and extension w/ ratchet and remove and install new plugs

    How do I know when to change the spark plugs on in my car?

    I just bought a 1999 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport (its a mouth full!) about five months ago, and I was wondering since I have no idea what the previous owner had done for maintenance, how do I know I should change the spark plugs?How do I know when to change the spark plugs on in my car?
    What he should change your plugs every 70,000 miles or so. And I believe on a Subaru it's a boxer type engine so they're probably pretty easy to change out....i would recommend Bosch Platinum +4's because you don't have to gap them....just screw them in and go. Hope this helps.How do I know when to change the spark plugs on in my car?
    When in doubt, change it out.
    Usually you can get about 100,000 miles on them before they need changing. It's 9 years old and probably close to 100K. Spend the $20 for new plugs. Also, if it doesn't already have synthetic oil in it I would switch to full synthetic and a new filter. As so as the oil starts to turn dark it's time to change the filter. Don't change the oil as synthetic will outlast the life of the vehicle.

    The car should last you a long long while
    anytime you buy or trade for one like that its best to just go ahead and change everything and make a record of it ,then you know when it was done,the previous owners may not have changed those in a while so i would go ahead and give the car a tune up,and then you,ll have accurate records of when it was done,i always do,and never have any problems from most of my trades,they should be changed about every 30 thousand miles,but unless you got a real good maintenance record with the car id go ahead and tune it up real good ,change all your filters and check all the belts,anything that could cause future problems that looks bad id go ahead and change it now,it may save time and money later on ,good luck with it.
    if da car trembles but change them anyways your gas milage will go up
    they arnt hard or pricey go ahead and do it.

    How do I change 2001 ford windstar spark plugs?

    I want to change my spark plugs, (Ford wants to charge me $200) but the plugs near the firewall seem tough to get at.

    Do mechanics use mirrors or what? How do I change 2001 ford windstar spark plugs?
    Actually the one guy is kinda right you can remove the cowl panel at the windshield however it is a little bit more involved you must remove the wiper arms (15mm nut), unplug the washer hose, remove the 4 plastic push pins at the cowl then pull upward to remove off it's clips before completely pulling it off feed the wiper hose you unplugged through the grommet then there are about 9 8mm bolts holding down the lower cowl remove the pollen filter to get to one of the bolts and make sure you unplug the wiper motor and if it has one the hood light plug then you can get to the plugs getting to them from under the van is pretty tricky tooHow do I change 2001 ford windstar spark plugs?
    yes mirrors are handy at times you might have to close your eyes and feel for it.but.if you jack it up you may gain access where the wheel well is.the plastic covers (wells) are removable.try
    Change the rear plugs from under the van
    IT is pretty easy. that black piece that shrouds the back of the engine is easily removed, the one that acts as a shield for the lower windshield and wipers. there area about 6 tabs you pull and then the rear plugs are easy to get to. well worth the little effort as it is almost impossible to get at them from underneath as the steering is in the way.

    Got a manual it tells you how to do it, I am looking at a haynes right now. :-)

    Arg its pretty difficult. At a ford dealer 200 seems like a bargain. The plugs in the back are pretty hard to get, so i havent even attempted to change them myself on mine.
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  • How often should you change your spark plugs?

    I have a '98 Mazda Protege LX 1.5L 4 cylinder with just over 111,000 miles. I was wondering how often you need to change the spark plugs. Also, I heard people say they changed the wires, rotor and cap. Do you need to do that too?How often should you change your spark plugs?
    The normal rule of thumb is to change the plugs and wires every 100,000 miles. As far as the rotor...if your car has that because most vehicles nowadays are all electronic...I wouldn't replace that until you start having issues with it.How often should you change your spark plugs?
    Forget about replacing wires, The factory wires should last for the lifetime of the car, unless they have been eaten by squirrels. Power wash your engine for starters. Remove your dist cap and check it INSIDE for the presence of engine oil. Many times, oil under pressure will find it's way here. Wash it out with CRC electronic cleaner. It will remove the oil and evaporate quickly. Replace the cap and rotor at 100,000 miles, using ONLY genuine Mazda (nippondenso) parts. There is a resistor in many dist rotors that go bad with age. Locate, remove and clean your IAC valve (idle air control valve). Use Gum-out spray. Clean the throttle body and plate and PCV valve, too. Run the Gum-out through the engine with car running, warm. Any carbon inside the intake manifold will dislodge and get dispelled. When everything is factory clean, replace the plugs. Use the new Nippondenso Twin Tip plugs ($3 each). Or nippondenso Iridium plugs ($9 each). Engine and sensors should ALL be clean. Plugs are last step. These plugs will give you best power and fuel mileage. Wait and see!!!! If you MUST change the wires, use ONLY factory wires. Never short change the original parts. They were made to last longest and work the best. The plugs I have mentioned will react with modern fuel and burn more cleanly and produce more power. Emissions go down,too. For even better performance, motor flush the engine and use ELF oil (France) made for Mazda (JASO ratings). Change it once yearly. Your engine will LOVE you for it!!!! So will your lifters, rings, and other engine vitals. Good luck!!
    Read your owners manual. Your car probably needs plugs at 60,000 miles or so, if your car runs on an ignition cap and wires, then yes, replace plugs, INSPECT wires for damage, check your points in the cap for wear (if dull, replace, if they have a sharp edge still, probably ok). If you car has electronic ignition, the plugs probably could go longer. My fathers ford F-250 has electronic ignition, so the plugs need replaced at 100,000 miles... factory stated.
    you should change it like every 3 1/2 year

    How to change spark plugs?

    how do you change spark plugs on a Jeep Cherokee Sport?How to change spark plugs?
    year and engine size?How to change spark plugs?
    just like you do with any other car. you need to buy plug, open the hood, pull 1 wire off at a time, take the plug out, gage the new plug, put it in and snug it up, put the wire back on and go to another plug. do 1 at a time so you won,t get the firing order messed up. you will need a 5/8 plug socket, extension and a 3/8 drive ratchet.
    depends on the year
    how do you change them? you just go buy plugs.. open the hood. take the wires off the plugs. take the plugs out.. put the other plugs in, put the wires on and ur done...

    Changing spark plugs on a 99 Cad Catera?

    I need help understanding how to change the spark plugs on a 99 Cad Catera. Just lifting the hood is no help. It appears the wires and plugs are covered up somehow. Please assist if you can. I want to avoid taking it to a dealership if I can.Changing spark plugs on a 99 Cad Catera?
    The spark plugs are located under the upper plenum on this vehicle. When you open the hood there is a large plastic cover to be removed, the upper plenum is an aluminum item typically attached by 10 to 12 bolts. Once the plenum is removed you will have access to the spark plugs. The spark plugs are platinum and expensive. It is typical to only have to replace them after 100,000 miles. If you have less you may be able to have the Fuel(induction)system service that will remove the carbon build up. Not to sound degrading but I would leave it to a professional mechanic on this ride.Changing spark plugs on a 99 Cad Catera?
    Rh side:Relieve the fuel system pressure.Disconnect the fuel supply and return hoses from the intake manifold.Move heater hoses. Unplug electrical connection @ coil pack.Remove the coil pack retainer bolts. Remove Coil pack. Note: Gm uses a special tool in order to avoid damaging the coil pack. You can fabricate a similar device.Lh side more straight forward.
    You have to take the plastic cover off the engine.May also have to remove the upper intake plenum to reach some of them.Car is not very popular so I'm not sure if it is coil over plug or not.Hopefully a GM expert will chime in.
    look and see if you can pull the front tire and the lowwer part of the inner fender then you should be able to get to the spark plugs the is what i do to my truck 2003 frod you can bye the replacsement pins to put the inner fender back on cheap

    How to change spark plugs?

    i'm 17 and i have a 97 honda accord and this is the first time that i will change the spark plugs and it would really help if u can tell me step by stepHow to change spark plugs?
    Step 1. make sure your keys are out of ignition.

    2 open hood

    3. unplug one plug wire

    4 get your spark plug wrench and undo sparkplug, make sure counterclockwise is loosening

    5. take out the plug and get new plug. Make sure the gap is set properly unless they are platinum plugs then they are already set.

    If you don't know how to set spark plug gap, let someone else do this job.

    6 insert new plug tighten by hand (should be easy untill it gets really tight really fast. if it is tight starting then your crossthreading DO NOT CONTINUE!!!! you will strip the threads out of the head, take it out and try again.

    7 put the plug wire back on.

    repeat with the other plugs.How to change spark plugs?
    ok, 1 get a2 inch extension, and a spark lug socket, 2, pull one by one each lug wire up, slide the tool down to the plug and remove,

    not as hard as it may seem
    1. remove plug wires

    2. unscrew old plugs

    3. have a beer

    4. screw in new plugs

    5. put the wires back on
    need a deep well 5/8 socket or a spark plug socket is better and ratchet and an assortment of socket extensions, do one at a time and reconnect the wires as you go to make sure they are all put back to the correct plug, do not over tighten and you should check the gap you need a feeler guage for that, some plugs may be hard to get to so if you have a swivel for your socket wrench it may make it a little easier where ever you buy the plugs ask them to help you set the gap
    I don't know about your particular car but I have changed spark plugs on all my own cars and truck ( I have learned to do most all of the general up-keep on my vehicles) And the first thing I do, is get the Chilton's (don't know if I spelled that right) . Auto part stores carry the books and they tell you step by step how to do most everything a person might ever need to do. You have to know the gap space and only do one at a time. You can go into an auto part store and they will give you the right plugs-tell you what space they need to be and give you the right tools to do the job. It really isn't hard except if you are not able to get to the plugs easily. Watch you knuckles!

    How do I change the back spark plugs on a 2002 ford windstar?

    My father is trying to change the spark plugs on our minivan and isn't sure how to get to them. I can't find anything online, any suggestions will help greatly.How do I change the back spark plugs on a 2002 ford windstar?
    All of the above are good answers so far. Assuming your father is not interested in crawling underneath the vehicle, or has access to the jack needed to lift it, he is probably better off removing the wiper cowl and transmission assembly (meaning WIPER TRANSMISSION, not vehicle transmission) for access. The only tools needed are a 15mm socket or wrench for the nuts that secure the wiper arms to the linkage, a philips screwdriver to remove the wiper cowl panel, and a 5/16'; socket with appropriate extension and ratchet to remove all the bolts that secure the cowl panel to the body. If you need more information, e-mail me directly and I'll send instructions with illustrations. Hope this helps.How do I change the back spark plugs on a 2002 ford windstar?
    have u tried from the bottom.
    It's a secret ...can't tell anybody but Ford dealers employ Farries to change those plugs...

    Ok real joke

    Mechanic shops remove the wipers, cowl panel and the whole assembly underneath (The wipers are screwed on, the panels pull up and the assembly underneath is held in by 10 screws)

    Provides complete and easy access to the rear three plugs and wires
    take the plastic wiper linkage cover thing off between the engine bay and the windshield.
    u may want to jack it up and lay underneath it. should be able to reach them
    From underneath you can get to them

    What is the best way or how to change spark plugs on a subaru svx?

    Nothing too tricky to doing plugs, getting to them is the toughest part. Let the motor cool first, don't even try when its hot. Clean the area around them, a little compressed air works great, Go one at a time, grab the plug boot nice and low, give it a twist to break it loose, then pull and twist. Spin out the plug, put a little anti-sieze on the new one and torque to about 12 - 15 lb-ft. Push the wire back on so it snaps.

    Average cost to change spark plugs?

    I own a 2004 Honda civic, does anyone know how much it should cost with labour included if I were to bring it in to a service centre?Average cost to change spark plugs?
    would cost maybe 80 dollars.. But, it would be a lot easier to head down to the local Auto Zone, and buy some pre set spark plugs.. It's easy, would cost maybe 28 dollars, if it was 4 cylinder, maybe 40 max, if it was a six cylinder, and that would be a good spark plug. When they are preset, all you do is take the spark plug cover off, get a little socket set, and unscrew the old spark plug. Place new pre-set spark plug in, and tighten, not too tight, but snug enough to stay put... Do this in all four, or six, depending on your motor size...Average cost to change spark plugs?
    How do you know you want spark plugs? Spark plugs will last about 10,000 - 40,000 miles, If you have a misfire problem chances are new spark plugs won't cure it, it could be any manor of things. Get it analysed by a professional.
    do it yourself, NGK plugs come pre-gapped, and also on the box it tells you how far to tighten it without a torque wrench. all thats involved is unscrewing the old ones and screwing in the new ones
    here in the us it cost me about 30 some dollars for my v8 and did it in 10min. I think since 2001 or so cars use coilnpacks on top of the spark plug so the 10min job tuns out to be a 30-45min job
    Here in the USA, it would be an easy job. Add the cost of the four spark plugs to one hour labor and you should have a rough idea. Maybe $100 here or 50 pounds in the UK.
    It's a 15 min job - Do it yourself - Even putting in a set of Hi -Quality Plugs you should be able to do it for under 拢20.

    They would charge V.A.T. also

    Best Wishes
    If they know what their doing,One hour labor and parts.

    labor rate and part costs will determine total cost,Call.

    How hard is it to change spark plugs on a chevy prizm and how long dose it take?

    Make sure you use a spark plug specific socket to remove the plugs.

    Make sure the new plugs are properly gaped and are the correct type.

    Do one plug at a time.

    Make sure they are properly torqued when re-installing.

    Most car plugs have a crush gasket, once the plug bottoms add another 1/2 turn.

    Refer to for more tips.

    Easy job, basic stuff and takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.How hard is it to change spark plugs on a chevy prizm and how long dose it take?
    E Z fifteen minutes or less, if you have the correct tools

    How to change spark plugs in 2000 oldsmobile Intrigue?

    When in doubt replace themHow to change spark plugs in 2000 oldsmobile Intrigue?
    they have to want to change.How to change spark plugs in 2000 oldsmobile Intrigue?
    if you don't know at this point, take it to a mechanic
    what engine do you have?
    what size engine 3.5 L V6 or a 2.4 L 4 cyl.?

    umm the 2.4 L engine is simple all you have to do is remove the center cover (the coil assembly) under here you will find the plugs. Now the 3.5L V6 is a little harder. You need to remove the front cover and under there you will find the plugs the back is a little more tricky because you need to tilt the engine forward with a come along or similar tool. This way you can get at them. If you have anymore Questions I will ask my boyfriend he is an advanced level apprentice and has done plenty of these.
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  • How to change spark plugs on 96 ford explorer?

    drivers side is easy with a short extension and maybe a swivel socket on the 5/8 spark plug socket

    passenger side , take the tire off and go thru wheel well ..first two are easy with a 2 foot extension... I find it usually takes 2 swivels for the last plug or swivel head ratchet and a 5/8 socket to get it out...How to change spark plugs on 96 ford explorer?
    Well, if you got the V-8, then its easier to get to them thru the front wheel wells. Easier yet with the wheels off. But if a V-6, it might be just as easy to do that there too. Had done a few. Good luck.How to change spark plugs on 96 ford explorer?
    take old ones out, and put new ones in.
    Spark plug wrench...
    Dont know the Ford Explorer well but had a 93 GMC Jimmy that required removing the steering linkage to get to a few plugs on the V6 model.

    How to change Spark plug on fiat punto?

    I want to find out how to change the spark plugs of a fiat punto on a 03 reg.

    I had a problem when i tried to remove the spark plug leads which would not come off, they were shut tight.How to change Spark plug on fiat punto?
    If it's a diesel the leads are threaded onto the glow plugs.

    Sometimes the leads are hard to remove from a gasoline engine because heat causes them to bond to the plugs. If that's the case you can buy a tool that makes it easier to remove the leads.

    How to change spark plug wire on a 94 Taurus Station wagon?


    Can anyone tell me how to change the spark plug wires on my 94 Taurus wagon. The gas station wanted to charge us $500 to change them along with the distributor cap/rotor and spark plugs.

    We found a video on how to do the others ...and its pretty straight forward. Please share any insight you may have.

    ThanksHow to change spark plug wire on a 94 Taurus Station wagon?
    Take the old ones off one at a time. Match it to a new one and put the new one back on in it's place. DO NOT PULL THEM ALL OFF AT ONCE or you can easily mess up the firing order.How to change spark plug wire on a 94 Taurus Station wagon?
    They just snap on the spark plug on one side and the distributor cap on the other, just twist a little while pulling up on it. Do one at a time so you dont mix them up.
    Twist the rubber boot back and forth to remove the wire and use DIELECTRIC grease to replace them.

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    How can i change spark plugs on a 2001 ford explorer?

    on the passenger side the last plug is bloked by the air conditioner blower box and mi hand and arm can't reach even to disconect the cable thanksHow can i change spark plugs on a 2001 ford explorer?
    Well, which motor is it? The 3.0? The 4.0? The 5.0? You have to specify these things.

    How to change the spark plugs on a 2001 Kia Rio?

    What is the best way to change the spark plugs ina 2001 Kia Rio. I know they are tough to get to, but what steps need to be taken to get to the plugs to change them?How to change the spark plugs on a 2001 Kia Rio?
    You must remove the intake to get to the plugs and replace the gasket on it. It does take a good while to do it from what I have read.

    Take a look at
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  • How to change spark plugs?

    Do anyone know how to change out spark plugs for a 99 ford expedition. it has a v8 in it. And how many spark plugs are in it. if you know, where is the locations of them, need to know that to.How to change spark plugs?
    It has 8 plugs.

    Change the easy ones from the top under hood area.

    Then the rest you can probably reach from the wheel well area.

    If you are a non-mechanic I would recommend taking it to a garage, if you don't know what you are doing you could do more harm than good.How to change spark plugs?
    Well you don't tell us which engine you have.

    Both have only 8 plugs.

    And on both engines they are in the same area, between the valve cover and the intake manifold.

    Diffence is:

    On the 4.6liter engines there are sparkplug wires going to each sparkplug.

    On the 5.4 liter each sparkplug has it's own coil. You have to remove a small nut holding this inplace. By twisting back and forth losen the coil and pull straight up and off the plug.

    On both engines use a compressed air to blow out any debris and dirt that is sitting down in the plug socket before removing the sparkplug.
    I can get you part of the way there. Unless you have an airplane engine, there is one spark plug per there are 8 plugs. Find 8 fairly thick wires that seem to disappear over the side of the engine - four on each side. These are probably the spark plug wires. They lead you right to the plugs. Chances are, you won't be able to see the spark plugs, which is a bad sign if you are making your first attempt. An expedition has platinum plugs, which need to be changed at 100,000 miles.

    If you are unsure where the plugs are, or how many a V-8 takes, I would not recommend doing this yourself. There is just too much crap in the way in newer vehicles.
    okay, you described your vehicle as a V-8 this tells you it has 8 plugs. If it were a 6 cylinder (V-6), you are talking 6 plugs. You cannot miss the location of the plugs, however, under the hood of your car you will see plug wires, follow the wires to the valve cover (top mount). You will need to set the gap on your plugs (see operators, owners manual for gap). You do need a plug gapper (these cost about $1.49), you also need a timing light ($49.99 and up). A tuneup by an auto shop your looking at in the neighborhood of $150-250.00 (plug wires and plugs-you can buy premium wires and premium plugs -most expensive or standard - less expensive). Labor should be 1 1/2 hours at most. My suggestion is that you get it professionally done. Not a task to take on by yourself , if you are asking questions about how many plugs you have? Where located at. Please don't take this personally but some things are best left to the professionals.
    shovel is exactly right. make sure you blow the holes out before you pull the plugs. if you don't it will cause problems with blowing the boots out. it is most definitely a job.

    How do you change spark plugs on '99 saab 95 v6?

    I forgot to mention it is a v6 and the one time i opened the cassette, there was oil or some other liquid substance covering the plugs, it was a definite wtf moment. i have heard this is normal, but made no attempt to change the plugs and they work fine still.How do you change spark plugs on '99 saab 95 v6?
    DEFINITELY not normal to have oil in around the plugs. The oil is either from the DI cassette (is it cracked?) or the valve cover seals. If the valve cover seals are leaking you need to have them replaced. If the DI cassettes are leaking, you need to replace those. But changing the plugs is very easy. Remove the DI cassettes, and then use a deep-drive spark plug socket to remove the plugs. ONLY use the NGK plugs specified in your Owner's Manual. ANY OTHER plug will make your engine run like crap. Trust me, please. Put the new plugs in being sure they are threading correctly. The heads are aluminum on this engine so you can easily strip the threads. Good luck!How do you change spark plugs on '99 saab 95 v6?
    I don't want to offend you. But if this is your first time you should really hve somebody help you or show you. You can easily strip the threads and cause a lot of damage ($$$). But it is actually simple if somebody showed you.

    Good Luck...

    I am trying to change the spark plugs on my 2006 Kia Sorento. I cannot find the spark plugs...can anyone help?

    I know how to change the pluG I just can't find them.... Has anyone done this themselves? The dealer wants $400 to do it!!! PLEASE HELP ME!I am trying to change the spark plugs on my 2006 Kia Sorento. I cannot find the spark plugs...can anyone help?
    fist off, take the big plastic cover off so you can see the bare motor. sometimes that piece can be intimidating so start with that. alof ot the newer cars have coil packs instead of the usual spark plug wires, they are usually black or gray. you should have six of them. 3 on the right and 3 on the left on top of the head, or on the side of it. sometimes they might have a bolt holding it on. take those off and remove the coil packs. they should be right there. book says 3 hours to do it, so i figured the dealers price is about right. good luck to you

    How best to change all 8 spark plugs in an 1989 Ford Ranger?

    I am trying to change the plugs in my pick-up and I want it done right. I am wondering if it is possible to get the drivers side plugs changed without pulling the upper intake. and if best to change all 8 spark plugs in an 1989 Ford Ranger?
    If this is the infamous 2.3 - 4 cylinder with 8 plugs - it's not the driver's side plugs that are a pain in the butt, it's the passenger side plugs.

    This concept, in my opinion, was a Ford engineering brain fart.

    It is possible to charge all 8 plugs without removing any major components, but you'll learn a whole new vocabulary doing it.How best to change all 8 spark plugs in an 1989 Ford Ranger?
    You are going to love this job. I bought my Ranger brand new in 1989, having heard about the new dual plug ignition. Ford wasn't the only automaker coming out with this feature, supposedly to improve emissions and increase power and efficiency. I thought it sounded cool, until I had to change the spark plugs the first time. I still own this truck. It's still my daily driver. In fact, I need to replace the plugs again, but I've been procrastinating.

    I always change the plug wires at the same time. You will not be able to grab the boot on some of them. On those wires, I just grab the wire and pull. If the metal terminal remains on the plug, I use needlenose pliers to reach in and remove it. This is why I replace the wires at the same time. For the plugs on the drivers side, you will have to remove the EGR position sensor from the EGR valve. Be careful not to lose screws.

    I use black electrical tape to tape together two socket extensions with a universal joint on the end and then tape the socket to the joint. I tape around the joint, so it has some movement, but not too much. Then I'm able to reach between the runners of the intake manifold to replace the spark plugs. You may need to unplug one or more fuel injectors as you go. Just do it carefully and you should be OK. The plugs on the passenger side don't require both extensions or the u-joint, but they can be a pain, also. You will need to have patience. This job usually takes me about two hours.
    i think the best way to change these spark plugs one at a time. Probably the easiest way. Get a good small wrench to put your spark plug driver on and just work it and work it and work it and work it until you can get in there enough to get them out. Good luck, and make sure your engine is cool or you'll ruin the threads...

    How do you change spark plugs on a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0?

    Do I have to take the tire off or how might I do this? ThanksHow do you change spark plugs on a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0?
    This web site says you can change them in about two hours. I have a Ford Escape so I too change my own plugs but you're right about the tire. Check out this site: do you change spark plugs on a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0?
    you can take the tire off and reach in to them if it will let you get to them better.
    Maybe it would be best if you let a professional do it, shouldn't cost too much.
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  • Is there any place online to see how to change spark plugs on a 1985 calais?

    if this is a 1985 Olds calais with a 2.3 L quad motor in it ... the plugs are under the large aluminum cover on top of the engine.. The bolts that hold it down are 13 mm and then you have to unhook the wiring loom on the driver's side of engine to remove the coil housing and then the plugs are in the middle deep in holes...

    If you are having a bad misfire ,chances are that the plastic coil contact housing is bad...this is very common on this engine.. I recommend replacing the plugs ,all four boots and the coil housing if you can see burned spots on it..

    The coils are housed inside the contact housing...

    Hope this helps.

    By the way if this is the 2.5 ohv engine the plugs are right there and just follow the wires to the plugs .. replace one plug at a time and you should be fine....but I would imagine that you are having trouble finding the plugs and that would be the 2.3 Quad engine...good luckIs there any place online to see how to change spark plugs on a 1985 calais?
    theres this web site i was looking at the repair on brakes, just pull each plug your self femember that every plug wire goes to that specific plug. gd lk

    How do I remove the air filter box on a 98' dodge dakota 5.2 liter? Trying to change spark plugs.?

    Yes he's right and it's very straightforward just don't try to rush the job and be patient bec it can get frustrating etc .

    When you do change the spark plugs , it's a good idea to clean the connectors inside the spark plug wires with a small flat head screwdriver, plus use a fine sandpaper and wire brush to clean the ignition coil spark plug wire connectors, and be sure to wipe them off with a fine clothe after sanding them.Also it's not a bad idea to check the air filter while you're at it.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way just so you know even if you buy pregapped plugs be sure to ask what the gap is suppose to be and use a spark gap tester to double check each plug before installing them.I highly recommend also that you do one plug at a time and wire.How do I remove the air filter box on a 98' dodge dakota 5.2 liter? Trying to change spark plugs.?
    take off the snorkle tube and lid remove 10mm holding the lower box to fender and pry it up %26amp; out of the grommets you can see them at the bottom with filter removed they look like E-TORX but are really push on.

    1998, 4 Cyl. Caravan: How much to change Spark Plugs?

    I have a 1998 dodge caravan with a 4 cylinder engine.. I need to have the spark plugs and wires changed.. maybe the fuel filter if that is part of the ';recommended tune up';. I just did the oil and brakes.

    How much should a decent honest mechanic charge for this? *(parts included)1998, 4 Cyl. Caravan: How much to change Spark Plugs?
    well if you do it yourself you be saving a lot of money plugs 1.99 each wires 21.99 cap 12.00 rotor 2.99 just take one step at a time the way you take them off thats how you put them back hope it helps labor on honest person around 50.001998, 4 Cyl. Caravan: How much to change Spark Plugs?
    wires should cost retail $30-40

    plugs $20

    fuel filter $15

    labor 1.5 hours? = $90

    You can do it yourself but a 4 cyl wouldn't cost yo too much in labor.

    How to change spark plugs on 2006 dodge stratus 2.7 v-6.?

    Can't get to plugs on back of engine.How to change spark plugs on 2006 dodge stratus 2.7 v-6.?
    With a ratchet, swivel, 5/8'; spark plug socket.

    How to change spark plugs in a 92 regal?

    AnyoneHow to change spark plugs in a 92 regal?
    Get a ratchet, a swivel, 5/8'; socket, and a few extensions and remove the old ones, gap and install the new ones.How to change spark plugs in a 92 regal?
    pretty much like he said but do one at a time so that you dont mix up the wires and you should check the gap on the plugs as well they are preset but sometimes they get bumped a round so they might need to be open or close some for better performance and once you have done one they are most all the same just go to any auto parts store and tell them you neeed everything to change the plugs tools and all hey might get a ir filter and fuel filter also will be a good time to do them also and about as easy all are do it yourself type things nothing hard about it... still not sure get a book on your car will walk you thru it step by step
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  • How often do I need to change spark plugs?

    Have a 1993 AuraHow often do I need to change spark plugs?
    check your owners manual hope this will help you...How often do I need to change spark plugs?
    Think of how the length of time you have have the auto, then ask is it needed by car health.
    '93 Aura?

    What the heck is that?

    Or do you mean '93 Acura? If so, Id need to know the model.

    I do it once a year or every 12000 miles.
    10 to 20 k miles depending on the plugs you use.
    When you start having problems..

    Get them checkd with every service- they need adjusting every 5-10k??? if at all?

    New plugs maintain peak engine performance and efficiency. Every engine will misfire occasionally. But as the number of misfires per mile goes up over time, it increases exhaust emissions, wastes gas and reduces power. In the past, most motorist would not notice the gradual decline in ignition performance until it reached a point where it created a steady miss, caused the engine to run rough, buck or stall, or made it hard to start. Not so today. All 1996 and newer vehicles have an OBD II onboard diagnostic system that tracks ignition misfires. When the rate of misfires exceeds a certain limit and causes emissions to increase 50% over baseline levels, it illuminates a warning light. Too bad older vehicle do not have this watchdog system. So on older vehicles, replacing the spark plugs at the recommended service intervals for preventive maintenance will reduce the risk of misfires and maintain peak engine performance. For standard spark plugs, the service interval is typically every 45,000 miles. For platinum spark plugs, it is 100,000 miles.
    Its a Citroen Aura, I would recommend replacing the spark plugs between 75,000 and 80,000 kilometres or sooner, especially if you are experiencing a significant reduction in fuel economy and power.

    Source: Ex-GM Parts Pro, 15+ yrs. exp.
    If you're talking about a Saturn Aura why not upgrade from AC Delco Rapidfire Plug which required changing every 25,000 miles to a cross- referenced AC Delco iridium plug which will be the last set of spark-plugs your car will ever see. They're good for 100,000 miles. You've already got a good electronic ignition to fire a wide gap plug.
    it's generally every 3.000 km's on each car

    How to change spark plugs in 7.3 powerstroke?

    how do i change the spark plugs in a 1997 ford powerstroke.How to change spark plugs in 7.3 powerstroke?
    Diesals dont have spark plugs but they do have glow plugs. Take it to any Ford house have them fix it.How to change spark plugs in 7.3 powerstroke?
    Diesels don't have spark plugs. Oh yea, definately take it to a service place to have them fix the glow plugs. It is possible to do it yourself, but the thing is, they might break off when you try to unscrew them, then the only way to get them out is to take the head off the engine. And that is not an easy job. (Assuming you meant the glowplugs. If it's hard to start in the winter or cold days, then it is the glowplugs that are bad)
    why would you ask such a question?
    dont have spark plugs, but if you have problems starting in cold weather buy a block heater. there easy to install, and easier on the engine on cold mornings.
    The torque on the valve cover and glow plugs is absolutely critical--you need an inch-lb torque wrench. The airconditioning interferes with the passenger side valve cover and is a real beotch to remove. NEVER drop a bolt down into the engine!! It is easy to do. You will need to machine or modify a 10mm socket to use on the glow plug head since a normal socket won't fit. You have to size one for the application.

    The glo plugs are much cheaper on-line. The mark-up is a hundred bux or more from ';service centers.';

    How do i remove the intake to change plugs on a 04 nissan maxima?

    im changing spark plugs on my04 nissan maxima how do i remove the intakeHow do i remove the intake to change plugs on a 04 nissan maxima?
    Er, take it to a mechanic?How do i remove the intake to change plugs on a 04 nissan maxima?
    The intake what?
    The intake itself should not be removed. Simply remove the top engine cover that says Nissan ~ then remove the three ignition coils with 2 screws on each ~ with the coils removed you will see the 3 spark plugs about 6 inches deep in the head ~ Then for the other 3 look futher back for the same type of ignition coils ~ remove them and repeat the cycle.

    How to change spark plugs on a HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2.7 V6?

    get a cherry picker and pull the motor out then change the plugs and then put the motor back in Just joking LOL Don't know how to i'm a female to sorryHow to change spark plugs on a HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2.7 V6?
    Although you can do it keeping the pipes on the throttle body on.Easy way i find is to undo the bolts in the center of the inlet and the 3 bolts at the back supporting the manifold and it should give you enough clearance to get to the plugs(careful not to damage the ht leads)
    Do you need to change the spark plugs, because the engine is running rough, or the fuel economy or power has been poor?
    i own a repair shop,and these aren't to bad to do you,ll need a good spark plug socket and ratchet to use on it ,and you,ll also need a swivel extension for it,be care full they break real easy going in ,and out ,but once you get them out ,be sure and re-gap the new plugs,and don't over tighten them when you install them,if you,ll take you time you can do a good job on it, the gap for the plugs is written on the tune-up sticker under neath of the hood ,and its also in the owners manual just don't get in a hurry ,because some of them are hard to get to,good luck i hope this help,s.

    How to change spark plugs in 07 Civic Si?

    Why change the spark plugs in a 07' Civic? This vehicle is fitted with long-life plug. It probably does not need to be changed for at least 100k miles.How to change spark plugs in 07 Civic Si?
    Is there something new in cars, I've been changing spark plugs in cars and airplanes for 50+ years. What did they invent a new spark plug. I take them out, throw the old ones away and gap the new ones and put them in. What is missing?
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  • How do I change the spark plugs on the passenger side of 2003 V6 Mustang?

    I have a 2003 V6 Mustang and the plugs need to be changed. The plugs on the drivers side seem very easy to get to, but the passenger side ones are all covered with engine crap. Are they accessible from under the vehicle? Can someone point me to a forum or instructions that show how to do this on my specific vehicle?How do I change the spark plugs on the passenger side of 2003 V6 Mustang?
    you basically gotta reach around to get at them. or just jack up the car, take off the passenger wheel and use some long extensions with a universal or two to get at them from inside the wheel well area.How do I change the spark plugs on the passenger side of 2003 V6 Mustang?
    Basically to get to it from the top you need to remove the induction tube (and super/turbo charger if you have one) disconnect the fuel lines into the engine and remove the entire throttle body and move aside the fuel rails to gain access to the ignition coils and remove the plugs, its also a good idea to unhook the battery to prevent shock when removing the plugs and fiddling the engine like this. I've never replaced the spark plugs on my mustang by removing the tire because you would still need to remove the fuel rail to get to the plugs, you might be able to but I've never seen it.

    How to change spark plugs on a 2000 toyota Tacoma?

    v6,3.4 ltr.

    start with a cold engine.remove air tube between air box and throttle body.unplug and unbolt the coil packs.pull them directly up.a little twist back and forth may be not twist to extention 6-11'' will be needed.remove plugs.

    on driver side,remove the wires,a twist may be neccasary.using an exteniton remove plugs.5/8 sparkplug socket needed.they or at least one ,back,is harder to get to but possible.dont pull on the wire itself.use some anti-sieze on the threads going back together.two different metals causes electrolosis.or simply it will sieze the plug in not over tighten the plugs.

    4 cyl.2.4/2.7

    remove will have to finagle the wires around but you do not have to remove breather hose.just be carefull do not pull on wires or you will be buying a new set.extention,socket,anti-sieze.needed.

    timing is computer controlled,no since checking or trying to reset it.if there is a prob with timing it is in the chain or timing belt,v6.

    How to change spark plugs on a 2003 yukon?

    I believe you take the old ones out and put the new ones in. I don't really know any other way unless you pay some one else to do the job for you.How to change spark plugs on a 2003 yukon?
    get a 5/8'; deep socket, a 4-6in extension, a wobble and socket wrench

    Driver's side will be easiest to access, pull and replace plugs one at a time to avoid confusing the plug wires.

    On the passenger side remove as much of the air intake as possible to allow easier access.

    How much does it cost to change spark plugs in a 1994 camero z28?

    About 2 bucks a plug X8 is $16. If you need a socket for spark plugs then add another $3. If you have it done I'm guessing about $50 to $100.How much does it cost to change spark plugs in a 1994 camero z28?
    Shop price is about the charge for a V8 - V6 tune up

    $45.99 V6 + tax and labor rate per hour on both

    $74.99 V8 + tax shop prices vary state to state.

    Doing it your self is much cheaper at about $12.99 to $20.00 for the spark plugs and about another $10.00 to $ 15.00 for the spark plug wires and about 2-1/2 hours of wrench time.How much does it cost to change spark plugs in a 1994 camero z28?
    less than 20 bucks,ngk or champion brand of spark plug.

    How do I change the spark plugs on a 1990 Buick Century w/ a 3.3 six liter engine?

    There's this superstructure holding the alternator over the area of the plugs with some kind of plate -right- over them. It looks like all of that needs to be removed - just to change the plugs?!How do I change the spark plugs on a 1990 Buick Century w/ a 3.3 six liter engine?
    if the plate is keeping you from getting into the plugs then remove it until you get done.
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  • How do I change the spark plugs in my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

    How do I change my plugs? I don't even see any I have to remove a cover or something?How do I change the spark plugs in my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?
    Go to the library and get a Chilton book on that make and model of car. Make a copy of the page that shows you how to change the spark plugs. Spark plugs are usually precalibrated but it is a good idea to check them. You need a calibration tool and you can ask the parts man how to use it or they might even check the calibration for you. Again make sure you have the make and model of the vehicle and how many cylinders it is. Usually 4.6.or 8.When you change the plugs and don't forget the plug wires . Do the plugs and wires one at a time because there is a firing order and if you put the wrong wire on the wrong plug it will not start . So remember one plug and one wire at a time.You also need a plug socket and ratchet.How do I change the spark plugs in my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?
    Well I would say go to the dealer--the plugs are special long lasting ones that are under a decorative trim plate---with the plugs ,the wires also should be done and a computer diagnostic to set the timing if needed...sensors are often needed--stuff you can't do in the driveway. Save up and have the belt done--do everything at once and save the money that running back would cost...besides that, the work is warranted at the dealer--you screw it up and you pay...again !!
    follow the wires to the plug....they might very hard to get 2 but you will find them, you do not need to take it to a dealer, they are just ******* spark plugs on a grand am.....find them and change can buy the same plugs and an auto will be fine that guy does not kno what he is talking about....
    Well, you should start by getting your hands on a Chilton's or Hane's book for your car. I would imagine you have a transverse mounted V6, with 3 spark plugs on the front of the engine and 3 on the back. Your owners manual (if you don't have the Chiltons) will tell you what plugs you need, or the person at the parts counter can help you.

    Just follow the plug wires to each spark plug, pull the wire off the top of the plug. Slide your socket down over the plug and remove it the same way you would remove a bolt. After checking the new plug for the correct gap, insert it into the hole (use your fingers at first to prevent cross-threading) and tighten it with the socket. Do them one at a time to prevent connecting your wires to the wrong plug.

    The back ones will be trickier to get to, and you may end up taking it to a shop where someone with the right tools can do the job faster and easier than you can.

    Best of luck!

    How to change spark plugs on a 2003 Alero 2.2?

    I basically know they are under that plastic cover on the engine that says ';2.2 ecotec'; on it, but I cant figure out how to take the cover off. I Undid the four bolts but something is still holding it in place.How to change spark plugs on a 2003 Alero 2.2?
    If you took the four bolts out then thats it, there are four spark plug boots underneath so its gonna take a little prying/pulling up on the ignition coil pack to get it loose

    How do change spark plugs on a 4.6 ford motor which side is #8 plug on?

    need to change #8 spark plug on a 1999 Lincol town car with a 4.6 motor need directions on what to doHow do change spark plugs on a 4.6 ford motor which side is #8 plug on?
    All Ford V8s clear back to the old flatheads in the Model As are numbered 1234 front to rear on the right bank (passenger side) and 5678 front to rear on the left bank (driver's side). No. 8 therefore is the rear plug on the driver's sideHow do change spark plugs on a 4.6 ford motor which side is #8 plug on?
    you need a spark plug socket (deep socket), but the eighth spark plug should be on the drivers side, and the one closest to the back of the engine. just unplug the wire, unscrew it, put in a new one and plug it back in.
    If I was going to take the time to change a spark plug, I'd do it right and change them all.
    unplug the plug wire and use a plug wrench. I recommend unplugging the battery first

    How often should you change your spark plugs?

    I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer, with 52,000k. Is it time for me to change the plugs and wires? If so, is there a certain plug that is better than others? Or are they all the same?How often should you change your spark plugs?
    Spark plugs in modern vehicles are platinum tipped and do not require maintenance as often. I have seen as many as 120,000 miles out of a set of plugs before they start causing problems, but they can start breaking down as early as 60,000 miles. Your particular vehicle lists a spark plug change interval at 100,000 miles. I would always suggest changing the plugs with what was original from the factory, as this is the plug that the engine was designed with. If you are not having any engine concerns, I would go by the schedule provided in your owner's manual.How often should you change your spark plugs?
    If your trailblazer is still getting the same gas mileage and no drop off of engine performance, I would not change the plugs yet. The factory is claiming that you should not need to change the plugs and wires until the vehicle reaches100,000 miles. I have not had to change my 1999 GM vehicle's plugs and wires yet. I have not noticed any drop-off in performance or gas mileage. I do on a routine basis check the condition of the ignition coil wires to check for possible wear. If you feel that you do need to change your plugs and wires always use AC Delco parts for your GM vehicle. I have found good success using these parts.
    Are you sure that this vehicle has wires? If it does then I would change them every 100,000 miles. I've usually traded in a car before I've every replaced the wires. As long as they don't get damaged, I'd leave them alone. The plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles and the best bet is what came on the vehicle originally. I don't trust the 100,000 mile tune up bit. Even new plugs wear out and emissions and fuel economy will suffer.
    Check your owners manual. Latter engines go longer with out plug changes up to 100,000. Look for AC plugs for that car. (or denso since AC no longer makes their own plugs) Wires would only need to be changed if there is a problem. Spark jumping, or to much resistance in wire.
    Yes, it's good time to change plugs, but use only those that are specified for this car - buy them from the dealer. It might be OK to change just plugs alone if you don't have any problems (e.g cracks, misfiring) with the wires right now.
    these must be pretty good iridium mostly comes from meteors

    any plug is ok, your best off just replacing them with what you have, don't go to a dealer they will triple the price of the same plug you can buy at any auto parts store (a typical plug is less then $4)
    I use A/C plugs and heavy duty life time wires

    yes it's time for you to change them
    with today's long lasting wires and plugs you can get a lot of miles out of them,,but it is best to change plugs at or around 25-30.000,,and the wires at 50-60.000,,this way the stay in good shape,,they will last a lot longer,,but the heat from today's engines is much hotter than the older ones was,,they only used a 180 degree thermostat,,today's cars run a 195 degrees,,there's a lot of difference,,as for your vehicle,,its about time to change the plugs and the wires,,just to be safe,,on your vehicle,,be sure when you take it to have it serviced,,that the check all the fittings in the front so that they can be greased,,i had one this week in my shop that had not had the fittings put in it from the factory,,and had not been greased yet,,otherwise your OK,,just keep up[ all the regular maintenance on it,,and it will last a long time,,i do this for a living,,i hope this help,s.
    change ur plugs every 30,000 wires maybe every 60,000 and as far as spark plugs i have had great luck with the autolite plugs u can get them any where or u can go with OEM AC Delco plugs which are alittle more exspensive you dont have to go over board with a exspensive spark plug
    The Trailblazer uses coil on plug ignition, there are no wires. I have 2002 Trailblazer with about the same amount of miles and I don't believe the plugs have ever been changed, and aren't in bad condition to need replacement. Your best bet would be to inspect the plugs for buildup or excessive wear on the electrodes before buying new ones.

    How do I change the spark plugs in my 1996 Saturn wagon?

    I tried to change my plugs in my car 1996 saturn station wagon, but I could not find how to take the old plugs out! I pulled and pulled but they would not release. How do I get them out? Please explain this to me with as if you are drawing me the picture. Thank you!How do I change the spark plugs in my 1996 Saturn wagon?
    remove the four wires on the top of the engine. pull up and twist. remove plugs, gap new plugs, place plugs in hole, tighten them up, and reinstall wires. good luck!How do I change the spark plugs in my 1996 Saturn wagon?
    The same way you take out the plugs on a 97 Saturn.
    u need a 3/8 rachet with a 2 inch extention and a 5/8 socket to remover them ........righty tighty ,and lefty loosey
    A ratchet preferably 3/8 and a socket that would fit it, they usually sell them at a auto parts store. Remove one and put Antiseize around the threads of the new one, put it back in and tighten down. Do not break the porcelin of the spark plug. Put the wire back on top. Do one at a time so you don't mix the firing order.
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  • How to change spark plugs on chrysler 300c ?

    i went to the dealer yesterday and they told me i need to change my spark plugs and it will cost $300, i know this is way too much so i was wondering how to do it myself. also is it true that my 5.7 liter hemi has 16 spark plugs????

    please answer to the best of your knowledgeHow to change spark plugs on chrysler 300c ?
    true, you do have 16 spark plugs, 2 per cylinder.

    dont be fooled and pay ridiculous prices. heres a great write up on how to do it yourself.

    ps. I advice you join this great forum site. to change spark plugs on chrysler 300c ?
    what a repoff all you need is a set off new spark plugs idk wat sucket ranchet and a extansion now you masure them to see how wear are they but if you need new ones then jus take them off and but the new ones in
    it only has 8 plugs it ha 16 valves

    How to change spark plugs in a 2006 dodge charger V6 3.5?

    How hard is it guys?? Should I bring the car in and have it done, or can anyone do it?How to change spark plugs in a 2006 dodge charger V6 3.5?
    well, most people would say ya, it is easy. which it is, BUT it depends on where the plugs are at. just follow the wires from the distributor cap to the plugs. change them 1 at a time and don't get them mixed up. the reason why i say it depends on where they are at, i had a 1995 chvy blazer and the middle plug on the driver's side was right against the steering column thingy. (forget real name). i have to reaise the engine up about 6 inches just to change a plug. and raising the engine is easier than moving the steering column thingy.How to change spark plugs in a 2006 dodge charger V6 3.5?
    Apparently johnny ain't changed a plug in a Dodge Charger, as it has no distributor or spark plug wires. Nothing is easy on new cars. The plugs may be completely hidden by covers on top of the engine. Even in plain sight people tend not to find them. Here is a picture with the coil pack locations marked.

    The spark plugs are under the coil packs.

    How to Change a Pontiac Grand Prix Spark Plugs?

    I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix V6 that I am trying to change the Spark Plugs out off. Could someone tell me what are right tools for the Job? And what the best way to change the plugs and the cables are? Also, I no nothing about cars, but I can follow directions to a ';T';.How to Change a Pontiac Grand Prix Spark Plugs?
    For a V-6 Grand Prix you are going to have to have some tools and a little patience and time. The Grand Prix has a transverse engine, meaning it's oriented left to right (like lots of front wheel drive cars). The spark plugs in the front are fairly easy to get at - if you have a socket wrench with a universal joint, you will get those out easily.

    The back ones, by the firewall, are going to be obstructed. You didn't say if you had the 3.1 or the 3.4, but they are all difficult.You may have to remove the air cleaner housing, or the wiper arm mechanism. You can do it yourself, however, unlike the earlier GM designs that required you to put the car on a lift so you could go underneath.

    Hope that helps. Email with questions.How to Change a Pontiac Grand Prix Spark Plugs?
    Its very simple. You need a socket wrench and a spark plug socket for the wrench. Then all you do is take them out and put in the new ones.The only hard part will be finding where they are (or at least I cannot explain it to you since I am not familiar with the car). Sorry I can't be more specific, but I have never seen the engine compartment of a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

    How to change spark plugs?

    i have a 2007 f350 turbo diesel can anyone tell me how to change the spark plugs on it?How to change spark plugs?
    You unplug the spark plug wires. Then you take a spark plug socket and un screw them out. Easy, well thats really all you do! Good luck!How to change spark plugs?
    diesel engines dont have spark plugs.
    you dont have spark plugs on a diesel you have glow plugs
    Yup diesel eliminate spark plugs and use glow plugs only on start up's, after that the engine relies on compression to keep it running.
    there is no spark plugs on a diesel it gets its ignition from compression of the diesel feul there are glow plugs on the engine starting the engine when it is cold they have a one or 2 wire connection to them there should be eight of them.
    there are no plugs
    pull off the ignition wire and take a socket wrench to take out the glow plug diesels don't have spark plugs

    How to change spark plugs on a 98 chevrolet cavalier?

    If you have to ask, it's probably better that you don't and just take it somewhere to have it done :-) It's not like you're asking for a recipe here...we're talking about a car.How to change spark plugs on a 98 chevrolet cavalier?
    its real easy just take one wire off the plug change the spark plug then put the wire back an do the rest until you've done them all. but make sure you do one at a time if this is your first time. if u get those spark plug wires mixed up your in deep ****How to change spark plugs on a 98 chevrolet cavalier?
    all you need is;

    ....spark plug tool
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  • How often are you supposed to change spark plugs and what are some signs that you need new ones?

    I'd do it every 20,000 miles, you can tell when they are going by lack of power, hesitation and hard starting.How often are you supposed to change spark plugs and what are some signs that you need new ones?
    Every car company gives a guide of when to change them in the service manual. I normaly change mine out with every tune up (about 25,000 miles). However I drive an older carburated vehicle. If you have a newer fuel injected vechile they can last much longer (50,000-100,000 miles) here is how you can look at them and tell often are you supposed to change spark plugs and what are some signs that you need new ones?
    This is the definition of a multi-faceted question! The factors involved in when to change your plugs are many.

    If you run 87 octane gas and drive your car like you really mean it I'd recommend every 40,000 miles. If you go easy and spend most of your time on the highway then 80-100k should be fine.

    The symptoms of when the plugs are going ';bad'; can vary as well. If you're losing a great deal of power, especially at higher speeds you can be fairly certain the plugs needs to be changed (this is assuming all other aspects of the vehicle have been maintained). If you're at a stop light with the vehicle in gear and you can feel it vibrate or ';miss'; through the steering wheel chances are a plug is fouled, clogged, or weak.

    When changing the plugs be certain to inspect the old ones, look for oil on the plugs or a heavy white residue...this indicates the engine has other issues in it's near future. Also, do not fall prey to the fancy spark plugs you see on TV or in other forms of advertisement. Stick with the OEM plug (i.e. AC Delco for GM) or NGK. The fancy 4 and 2 prong plugs are a marketing ploy that will generate no additional performance and can very easily foul up your electrical system/timing/gas mileage.
    Usually you can tell when the vehicle idles rough. If your vehicle has 100,000 miles or more go ahead and change them. It wouldnt hurt either if you change them now as they are cheap and usually easy to replace yourself.
    Your owner's manual tells you when to change the spark plugs. My 2000 Taurus are due for a change at about 100,000 miles because they are the Motorcraft platinum plugs. I have 80,000 miles on them now and the car truly runs like a rocket ship. I love it!
    I change mine around 25K to 30K miles.You can tell because the old dog want get up and go like it use to.

    Some times you will grind and grind and it just want dust off.If you check your gas mileage it will be way off.Check your tires and keep the right amount of air in them,this will help,also the air filter,good luck
    You should change them at least once a year. It's like spring cleaning for your motor.
    some car makers say 100,000 miles but if u wait that lonmg they becone ';welded'; to the aluminum head and break off during removial...i go 50 to 75 thou...and do the wires too...
    it depends on what kind of plugs you have. some plugs wear longer then can check them,and if the firing tip is worn clean down to the porcelant or all carboned up,then i would say change them,but sometimes,if they still look pretty good,take a wire brush and clean and reguage them.